OOTD / One Should Ruffle Dress

Before I write anything about my outfit, I just want to start off by saying that for those that don’t know – “OOTD” stands for Outfit Of The Day. I keep getting quizzed by my family (my mum mainly) and being asked what does “oooot-d” mean? Yes she literally says it like this… so there you go!

Anyway, for those that follow me on Instagram you will see that I recently went to a “Bacon Ball”. I know what you’re thinking and no, this has nothing to do with the bacon you would find in your hangover cure breakfast or any kind of meat for that matter. It was a charity ball put on by my close friends family who’s surname… you guessed it.. happens to be Bacon!

It was a black tie event which meant going all out getting our best glad rags on and making ourselves feel like a million dollars (pounds?!..). I know I’ve said it before but I LOVE getting all dressed up fancy and going to events like this. I just think it’s so exciting putting on a new outfit with your hair and make up all done up, making you feel fabulous.
I had known about this event for a couple of months and actually only bought my dress the week before the ball, which is very unlike me to be so unorganised and leave it till the last minute when looking for an outfit! I knew that a lot of the girls I would be attending with were going to be wearing a coloured dress and not go for black, so I wanted to do the same.

After spending hours on my commute to work scrolling through all the typical womenswear online sites, I could only actually find 3 dresses I thought were suitable. Surprisingly, I was quite apprehensive about ordering the dress I wore due to bad reviews and so wasn’t expecting it to be the dress I would end up wearing but I ended up loving it the most! Who would’ve thought…

I found the dress on Missguided and it stood out straight away as it was a little different and a bit quirky. I am really obsessed with the ruffle trend right now and love that this dress has the ruffle detailing all down one side of it, along with the one shouldered style. I kept my jewellery simple as there was so much going on with the dress and didn’t want to over complicate this. I usually wouldn’t choose a green colour, and although the dress also comes in a light salmon pink, I thought the green went best with my skin tone and hair colour.

When ordering the dress, or any maxi dresses, I always worry about the length as being only 5’3 they usually come up too long and I wouldn’t have time to get it turned up. Luckily this dress was the perfect length and I felt comfortable not wearing heels that were too high. I paired the dress with some simple silver / grey heels which also matched my silver jewellery and sparkly bag, making sure there was a matching theme throughout my outfit.

missguided dress

Missguided One Shoulder Frill Maxi Dress

I loved this dress and had such a great night, I hope I get to go to more of these events although I think I will definitely be giving myself more time to look for an outfit rather than leave it till the last minute!

Katie x


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