Instagram Travel Guide: Manchester – where to stay?

Instagram Travel Guide: Manchester – where to stay?

So if you’ve read the title, you’re probably here because you like Instagram just that little-bit-too-much and want some show stopping (scroll-stopping??) places to up your insta game and wow your friend’s feeds.


We are all guilty of going out of our way to go to a certain place just to take photos and make our lives look that bit more interesting than they really are. BUT there is nothing worse than going to a new place and trying to find those cool instaworthy restaurants / bars / cafes and ending up wasting valuable photo taking and editing time by going to places that are just not that great or not knowing where they are at all. I’ve done a roundup of my favourite places to try out in Manchester after going there for an anniversary treat a few weeks back…

HOTELS : Where to stay?

I’m one of those people who likes staying in nice hotels – I don’t think there’s anything worse than going out for the day and knowing you’re going back to an old, run down hotel and having an anxiety attack about whether your room has actually been thoroughly cleaned or not, or if you pull back your duvet cover to find a bug has already got in there first and is resting on your bed sheets. *Flashbacks to travelling and hostels in SE Asia…..* Anyway, usually these nice hotels come at a rather hefty price tag so I’ve done a post below on the Hotel Gotham where we stayed ( and LOVED!) but I’ve also tried to find the best instragrammable hotels for all budgets that we were recommended.


Hotel Gotham

This is where we stayed, and it was nothing less than amazing. The interior, location and overall hospitality of this Hotel was 5*. The stylish but gothic vibes are consistent throughout the hotel and are definitely going to win over some new followers. You can easily recognise the rooms with the colour scheme, monochrome flooring and the throw laid purposefully half over on the bed. The staff uniform is similar to that of a NYC hotel from the 1920’s and having them take your bags and put them in your room whilst checking in really makes a difference, it’s a lovely touch.



The location is ideal if you’re wanting to hit the bars and go to fancy places but want to travel around by foot as they are all right around the corner, it’s also not far from the train station so you’re on to a winner here! The hotel also offer valet parking for £35 a night – sounds pricey but actually works out pretty reasonable. The rooftop bar is for guests only and also not to be missed for a drink or 2!


King Street town house

King Street Townhouse is no 1 on Trip advisor and you can really tell why! This hotel is beautiful. It’s light and airy and actually quite the opposite of Gotham with its decor. The rooftop pool and spa are stunning and a perfect photo op! This hotel is located nearby to Hotel Gotham too which is in the City centre so a great location to go back to the room to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the city views.

King Street Townhouse Hotel

The hotel has a spa, pool, gym, restaurant and bar which gives you the option to enjoy Manchester as a city or have a relaxing get away break. Most of the rooms come with a gleaming white free standing bath, and in the larger rooms are also lucky enough to have this in the room themselves at the end of their beds!


The Principal Manchester

I have put this hotel on here, not for the rooms so much – but for the hotel grounds. The grand building, which is a historic Grade II listed landmark, is un-missable and has so many perfect spots to snap away at. The reception area has an impressive glass tiled ceiling and the hotel has just undergone a revamp which won Best Hotel 2017 Award!

The hotel also has a bar called “Refuge” where you can go for some post-dinner drinks before heading back to your room.



This stylish hotel is more lower budget friendly, with its cheaper prices and great dinner and stay deals you’re in for a treat. The hotel has stylish and quirky interior, with checkerboard floors and dark colour schemes its the ideal hotel for couples wanting a night away. Located in the popular area near the shops and bars, you’re never far from anything exciting.. that’s if the hotel isn’t fun enough!



I hope this instagram guide has helped you decide where to stay if you’re visiting Manchester or has given you a bit of inspo, let me know if you’ve stayed in any of them!


Katie x



* All photos within this post apart from the “Hotel Gotham” section have been taken from the hotel websites and are not my own.


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