London Fashion Week – What I Got Up To

LONDON FASHION WEEK – what I got up to

London Fashion Week has just been and gone and I am so pleased to say that I got to be a part of it this time around!

When I first started my blog I wrote about the London Fashion Week Festival that I attended back in Feb and even wrote on there how I would love to attend the actual London Fashion Week hopefully in the future… never did I think that it would only be 6 months later!

I went to LFW with the lovely Ella from “” who I actually met through blogging, and I’m so grateful that she let me join her. When going to LFW the PR companies and designers don’t send out tickets very far in advance, so it was all very last minute when we found out which meant a lot of rushing around to find outfits and plan our weekend.



We kicked off our busy weekend with a launch party with BAILYBAGS  in Topshop Oxford Circus on Thursday night. Sarah Baily – creator of BAILYBAGS, was celebrating having her concession in Topshop and held a small party in one of the back rooms on the lower floor. We saw funky fringe jackets, silver helium balloons, prosecco and the sassiest ice cream cupcakes made by the amazing girls from SUGARTITS. ( Fab name. Check them out here). This was so much fun and great to network as I met some lovely fellow bloggers, Sarah Baily herself and the super talented girls from Sugartits.


Throughout the whole weekend we saw a handful of shows, I can’t even begin to imagine how the mega famous celebrities and fashion icons handle LFW as we were shattered by the end of it and we didn’t even have jam packed days! There were so many shows that we went to though, that I will be just highlighting my favourite ones.


When attending LFW there are two parts to it; The up and coming designers / graduates whose shows are mainly held at The Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden, and the higher, more well known designers whose shows are held at the famous Strand, Covent Garden. It is harder to get invited to the more well known designer shows at the Strand but we were lucky to watch a selection of shows from both!

Throughout the weekend we got to see Sabinna, Billies Bakery and Elephantasia which were my favourite ones.


A designer with a focus on crochet on ready to wear and knitwear. This show was held in the “Swiss Church” which was a beautiful location. The show wasn’t packed which meant we got to see the collection closer and gave a more intimate feel to the show. My favourite piece was this stunning crochet flower dress with an open back – I can definitely see myself picking up something like this and wearing it on holiday abroad!

The Sabinna show was on in the morning on Saturday and we also attended the “after party” in the evening. We were both really excited for this as it was on at the OXO tower – meaning amazing views!! We got to see some collection pieces closer, make full use of the open bar and also get to meet other bloggers and influencers who attended.


We were running late for this show so ended up just catching the last bit but unfortunately missed the main presentation. We got to see the models on the stage, and all it can be described as was sassy! There was a reoccurring theme of pinks and glitter and girly vibes throughout and it was so much fun to see. It made me feel as though barbie and the spice girls had collaborated and brought out their own 2017 collection! Every young girls dream!


This show was quite the opposite of BILLIES BAKERY and had quite a serious theme and story to tell. Elephantasia is where fashion meets charity, a campaign to bring awareness of the worrying amount of elephants being hunted and killed for their ivory tusks and that this needs to stop. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and was amazed at how well the collection really brought out a theme of elephants along with the vibrant colours and patterns of African culture. At the end of the show they gave everyone the opportunity to donate and help buy tshirts where some profits were donated to the charity.

The Blogger Hangout


During saturday day time we were both invited to go along to the Blogger Hangout which was a pop up also in Covent Garden. The Blogger Hangout was a collaboration invite only event with “The Blogger Programme” and “21 Buttons” app. It was the perfect opportunity to go to between shows and presentations to meet brands, have cocktails, sweets, redo your hair and make up and meet other bloggers! This was so much fun and we really enjoyed meeting other people and having a few drinks!

I really enjoyed London Fashion Week and am so excited to hopefully be able to go back again at the beginning of next year when its on again!


Katie x


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