London Fashion Week – What I Wore

London Fashion Week – What I Wore

LFW outfit1

You’re probably all sick of my posts and stories on Instagram by now from London Fashion Week but for me it was such a big deal to be attending.


You can read my previous post about London Fashion Week – What I got up to and see that for years I have dreamt of going to London Fashion Week and watching the catwalks, seeing the designers, models, paps and just generally getting involved and being a part of the atmosphere. This year I was so lucky to attend through one of my lovely blogging friends “AuthenticallyElla” who took me as her plus one to most of the shows. It was a very last minute decision for us to go as the designers and PR companies don’t tend to give out invites or E-tickets until quite close to the show, which meant rummaging through our wardrobes and having a quick look around the shops to find outfits!


I don’t have that many photos of my outfits from all 4 of the days I went (I was mainly taking snaps of the venues and catwalk shows, rather than myself for once!) so thought I would just do the 2 outfits that I posted on Instagram wearing.



 LFW outfit1LFW outfit 1LFW outfit 1LFW outfit 1

As I didn’t have much time to plan an outfit, I wanted something that would still stand out but also reflect my style and personality. I saw this stripe sleeveless blazer in Topshop on one of the mannequins, which actually comes with matching suit trousers too – but as I’m only 5’3 I didn’t want to overload on the bright patterns and get lost in them! So I opted for the jacket, black leather look high waist trousers and wore a red lace bodysuit underneath to add a pop of colour and bring a touch of sexiness to the outfit.

LFW outfit1LFW outfit 1


Knowing that we had a few shows to go to which meant a lot of walking around from each location, I wanted to keep my footwear choices comfortable. I opted for these Gucci dupes from Primark and changed into my heeled buckle sandals when we actually got to the shows! (definitely a top tip I recommend doing if you attend in future, take a small bag with you and a spare pair of flats… LIFE. SAVER.)

Stripe Blazer – Topshop – long sleeve version here

Red Lace Bodysuit – Topshop Concession

Leather trousers / Gucci Dupe Mules – both primark

Bag – Mulberry



I have had this outfit planned in my head for a while but haven’t had a chance to wear it out yet – so perfect timing I could wear it here! This is currently my faaaavourite piece of knitwear (or any item of clothing) I own. I LOVE embellished details so I was drawn to these pearls as soon as I walked into Zara. I also picked this skirt up in Primark a few weeks ago for £5… yep, five whole pounds. Bloody bargain!


LFW outfit 2LFW outfit 2LFW outfit 2LFW outfit 2I think this is possible the girliest outfit I have worn out recently. I don’t wear skirts that often and this outfit did make me feel like a ballerina, but I loved it! The colours complimented each other so well and adding my nude mulberry also tied it all together. I also always feel that accessories can really make or break an outfit, but wearing my cat eye sunglasses made me feel super sassy. I had planned to wear heeled sandals with pearls on for this outfit but I regrettably left these at home *cries* and wore it with some white and silver trainers.


Pearl Grey Jumper – Zara here

Mesh Tulle Skirt – Primark



I cannot wait to try and go back again next year, hopefully I’ll be a bit more organised with my outfits!


Katie x



  1. September 29, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    Attending London Fashion Week must have been a dream come true *_* great outfits!

  2. November 7, 2017 / 10:27 am

    You are truly looking so lovely!! these looks make innovative design ponders around the nyfw. I like the two looks however first look so beautiful I truly appreciate to peruse this post I found an awesome form post expresses gratitude toward you to such an extent!!!

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