My top 5 places to eat in NYC


Ahhh New York City – the “City that never sleeps”. It’s amazing and if you’re a massive foodie, like me, then you will absolutely L O V E it! There’s no denying that NYC is known for its amazing eateries, shopping and extravagant buildings but if you don’t have much time to leisurely wander around and find places by chance – then i’m here to help you out and have listed by Top 5 places to eat in NYC:


1. Jacks Wife Freda

You can’t go to NYC without brunch and this place is absolute #brunchgoals – expect avocado & eggs, pancakes and waffles along with a mean cocktail – the menu makes it an instagrammers dream. The small but charming cafe’s have a great vibe about them and you’ll be greeted with the friendly staff – adding to your experience! Everything from the decor inside to the detailing on the sugar sachets; they have got their aesthetics down to a T! Fun and suitable for all the family, a must visit if you’re in the area.

Where to find them:

Website here 

Locations – Soho / West Village


2. Eat by Chloe

If I were to go back now, this would be top of my list to go to! It’s a vegan and vegetarian based cafe, but don’t let that put you off going if you’re a meat-eater as you will be pleasantly surprised at just how incredible the food really is here! This was mine and my boyfriends favourite meal of our entire trip (now, that’s saying something!) and he is very much so a meat eater and not ready to give himself up for the #veggielyfe and he thoroughly enjoyed it too. With 5 locations in NYC to choose from ( we went to the West Village – also home to the “Sweets by Chloe” aka the finest vegan desserts in town) you are sure to be able to find one to make it to. Whether you’re in a rush and wanting to grab a bite and go, or rest your legs and sit down inside – you’re welcome to do both and they will not leave you disappointed. My top recommendation: The Guac Burger. Ah-maz-ing. Try it for yourself!


Where to find them:

Website Here

Locations – West Village, Flat Iron, Soho, Rockerfeller Plaza, Williamsburg


3. Ellen’s Stardust Diner

I’m going to be 100% honest; when we saw this being top of the TripAdvisor search we were pretty confused. From the outside it seemed a bit shabby and run down, half of the lights weren’t working on their sign, the paint wasn’t up to scratch…. but let me just tell ya, they have a magical surprise waiting for you behind the entrance! Almost like entering Narnia through the wardrobe, this place changes as you go through the doors into a warm and inviting restaurant full of dancers and singers! The staff here either work on NYC Broadway already and are making an extra income OR are trying to get noticed to go ON Broadway and pay for their music lessons; none the less they are all so incredibly talented! It’s typical american food ( tater tots and burgers for breakfast wont be frowned upon here!) and a typical American style theme inside but with the waiters and waitresses dancing and singing around you, making it an unforgettable experience. Word of warning – they do like to cosy up to some of the “audience” AKA customers eating their food, and try to get you to sing along with them and put the microphone to you to sing. It’s all a bit of fun though so just go for it even if you can’t sing very well, who cares! ANOTHER top tip – Don’t go with a hangover!

Where to find them

Website here

Location – 1650 Broadway


4. TAO Uptown

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more upmarket and classy for the evenings I would highly recommend Tao. There are two locations – uptown and downtown – and we visited the NYC Uptown one. Going in you’re greeted with the dark but cool vibe of the restaurant, with a 16 foot Buddha at the back wall and house playing as background music, this sets the tone for the evening and gets you in the mood for a cocktail (or 2) with your dinner and then maybe a  night out after. Who knew that an Asian restaurant was where all the cool kids hung out?! be sure to wear a glam outfit as the people in here definitely dress to impress! Top tip – it gets booked up very far in advance, so be quick to book when you know you’re going. Also – this place is not cheap, but it is worth it! Your purse may be left empty… but you tummy full and mind happy!

Website here

Locations – 42 E 58th St or Downtown; 92 9th Ave NYC


5. The Aviary, Mandarin Oriental

Again, this is another place that doesn’t come cheap but it’s fair to say that the price will be worth it when you’re there. The Aviary is located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel and situated on one of their top floors. The views are incredible and you’ll be sure to get some amazing photo’s to make everyone jealous…. the food isn’t half bad either! We opted for a lightlunch; a sandwich and a pot of tea whilst we admired the view and people watched the bustling city from above. I would also suggest booking this in advance and asking for a window table when you’re booking – make the most of your meal and sit back and relax, enjoying some time to get away from the busy streets of NYC.

Where to find it

Website here

Location – 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street



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