Caris Closet NYE outfit inspo

Caris Closet NYE outfitI wouldn’t say I’m an overly festive person. I loved Christmas as a child but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found there to be too much pressure on finding the perfect present, pleasing everyone and making sure you show everyone on your social media that you’re having an amazing time. One thing I do look forward to though is that it’s a great excuse to find a new outfit and dress up! Whether it be on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve; you’re bound to have a party to go to where you need to keep it classy and I’ve found the perfect dress from Caris Closet!

I’m a big fan on one shouldered dresses, as seen before in the Missguided one I wore to a charity ball earlier this year, and for big occasions I always like to choose dresses that are a little bit different so I won’t have to worry about that – who-wore-it-better – situation when you turn up wearing the same dress as a great aunt to a family party (awks)!


Since it’s the festive period 99% of people *including me* will be using it as an excuse to eat and drink everrrrything so black is always the best option to go for when choosing an outfit to hide that food baby. I decided to pair this black dress with a black clutch bag with red and silver detailing on – gotta keep with the Christmas colours this time of year! Along with red lips and red earrings; I love when all accessories and small details match so feel this pulls the look together.
As the detailing on the side of the dress is quite a lot keeping the hair simple and up is the best way to show off the style and keeping the dress and bag as the main focus point.
Caris Closet currently have up to 30% off some of their beautiful pieces and you can shop them here!
Dress – Caris Closet here
Earrings – H&M – same but different colour here
Clutch bag – Topshop here
Lipstick – Balmain x Loreal
Katie x
Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted this dress by Caris Closet in return of a blog post but as always, I would only share pieces that I honestly like and all views are my own

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