A Reflection on 2017

Reflection on 2017
This post is a bit different to my usual but as we are nearing the end of the year it seems a good time to take a moment out to reflect and see what we have learnt. 2017 has been an amazing year for me, I usually am so quick to forget all the positives and decided to write them down and see how far I’ve come.





I often find it hard to admit positive points about myself but if I am completely honest, I am so bloody proud of myself for getting to where I am in my career. I didn’t attend university ( although I did attend a Fashion College after sixth form which does count as a first year of university…) and had no friends or family in the fashion industry to give me a helping hand and worm my way in easily. It was tough and I’ve worked hard. I have been (and currently am) the youngest in every office I have worked in, and I wanted to show I was capable. I like to push myself and aim for the highest target I can achieve. I was promoted this year after showing I was driven and consistently working hard and am now at a mid – senior level in my office.




I’m usually described as the “sensible” one out of my friends. I think as I work full time and lead a very “adult” lifestyle I’m always thinking of the consequences of my choices. I usually have to know my plans a week in advance and know who, what, where and when I will be doing things so I can plan everything else around it. This changed this summer when I decided to go to Ibiza for a weekend of partying with my best friend. We booked it Friday at 2pm and our flight left that night at 9pm! This was so unlike me and I think it shocked a few people, but it was fun to let my hair down and do something a little crazy ( or crazy for me anyway!) and did teach me to not be so strict with myself.



This is the most recent to take place, and i’m sure there will be more posts in the future talking about this, but after nearly 4 and a half years of being together; Matt and I finally moved into our own little home up in London! We had been wanting to move in together for a while and when we saw this flat we decided we just had to go for it and moved in before Christmas. It was all so quick and exciting and I’m so pleased we went for it. It’s a big step to make but im so looking forward to spending time making it our home!




I have always loved photography. I had a digital camera when I was a teenager but it was quite basic and didn’t have many features. I always had a huge interest in my grandfathers camera collection and would make him show me his photographs and different lenses. As I have gotten older this has expanded and I’ve experimented with different editing tools and photographing styles. I saved up and bought myself the Olympus Pen E-PL8 and it has been incredible! I love using it and am always on the lookout for new tutorials and tips on how to shoot and edit photos using it. I honestly wish I bought it sooner! I also then saved up and bought a new lens to go on top which has been an absolute GAME CHANGER and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting it to buy it! You can buy the camera – here and the lens here



This was probably my biggest challenge. Starting my blog was the best but also scariest thing I have done for a long time. I know alot of people have blogs these days, and I love¬†reading¬†them, but for me personally putting myself out there, taking photos of myself and saying to people “hey, check out my blog full of me, my face and my opinions” is quite a hard thing to do. I knew it would come with negative comments and so when I had people laugh and make passing jokes; it was hard to read or hear but also expected. I soon got over what other people thought of it and decided to put a lot more effort and focus in. I bought a camera, I began meeting and chatting to other bloggers, I was attending events, working with brands and gradually my confidence grew. It really has helped make me learn a lot more about myself and taught me life lessons I had no idea would come from writing on the Internet!

Reflection 2017


If you haven’t already, its a great time to reflect on the past year and see how far you have come! You’ll be surprised at what you may remember. A new year is also a great time to set some goals and targets for the future year, I’ve done a post on my goals for 2018 which you can check out here!


Katie x


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