I cannot believe it is the last day of 2017. A whole year has passed and it has just FLOWN by. I feel as I get older time goes by quicker and quicker and sometimes, I just can’t keep up. If you saw my most recent post about a reflection on 2017 it has overall been a pretty good year, there have however I been some more ups and downs but these are inevitable and life can’t always run as smoothly as we hope. I am looking forward to 2018 and thought i’d share my thoughts towards it.



I like the idea of a new year and it being a new start. I seem to categorize my memories into years and think of previous events and feelings that occured and that they shape that whole year. I like the thought of starting over and if there have been negative points from that year we are leaving, it’s a great way to have a clean slate and have closure on putting them behind you. The new dates, diaries, calendars – all with empty pages that will be filled with new memories that are yet to come. It’s daunting but also exciting and I am making an active choice to see in the new year with new positive goals and resolutions.



First off, I am starting my goals for 2018 by saying I want to be happy! I wouldn’t say im particularly unhappy at the moment, but I want to be genuinely 99% happy. (I feel that 100% is too unrealistic, because, well… LIFE. and I dont wan’t that pressure) No more comparison, self-doubt or putting myself down. I can be my own worst enemy and hold myself back. If I want something, there should be nothing to stop me from achieving it – and that is what I want to focus on. Pushing myself to be better, do better and live better.



I entered the London Marathon 2018 on a whim this year and wasn’t really expecting to get a place. It seems that I like a challenge and I was offered one and have decided to go through with it. My health, weight and body have all been something I have been focusing on alot over the recent years and I feel this will help me get on a right track and routine to leading a healthier life. I have started my training but have to increase my running to 3 times a week and also cut down on certain food and drink groups. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in my fitness levels and mentality to push myself off the sofa and becoming more active. After doing a lot of research into fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, It is a great way to feel good about yourself, make new friends and just generally feel better!



This kind of follows from the previous point and if you have followed by blog from the start then you will know I am vegetarian. I began 2017 as a pescatarian and then transitioned to becoming fully vegetarian. I no longer eat meat or fish and have recently been eating at an 80% vegan and plant based diet. I want to take the leap and step up the further 20% and no longer eat dairy, eggs or any animal products. I have felt a huge change in my body and health and believe this is because of my diet change. I suffer with IBS and bloating but have felt my diet has made a positive impact on these and they haven’t occured as often. I’m also excited to try out new dishes and experimenting in the kitchen. I don’t want to just have a vegan diet but also want to adapt my every day lifestyle choices too. I can’t afford to go through all my belongings and throw away any that aren’t vegan friendly, but as and when they start to run out I will be opting for more vegan and cruelty free items.



It is so easy to get sucked into being on our phones and sitting there hours on end. I’m a lover of social media and thoroughly enjoy seeing what other people put up and have to say, but I want to take more time without my phone and taking in my surroundings. I always read travel blogs and think how amazing these places look, but I need to take time away from looking at what other people are up to and focus on what I am doing. I want to make an effort in spending more ~ real ~ time with my boyfriend, friends and family and not have to feel so much pressure to document it all on snapchat, instagram or tagging myself in a location on facebook. I do feel there is a certain… pressure, to show to people that we ARE having a good time, that we ARE out and doing things, and our lives ARE perfect. But why do I need to show that off to people following me? I should be enjoying the time out and not having to worry about what other people are thinking.



It is so easy to forget to check up on those closest to us. We may talk to people everyday  but how often do we actually stop and ask them how they are? I know from my own experience that I don’t like to open up to people, I find it especially hard asking for help or telling people my problems. However, when people go out of their way to make an effort to ask if you’re okay, it is so comforting knowing they do actually care and will listen. I want to give more time to those who I sometimes take for granted. I know I can always rely on my family and can see them whenever I want; but one day this won’t be so easy and I want to make sure I give them the time they deserve.


I want to try my best to stick to the goals I have given myself for the next year, I think they are all positive changes that most people can make in their everyday lives too and hopefully continue with not just in 2018 but after too! Let me know if you have any tips or what you’re goals are,

Katie x


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