Festival Ready with Pretty Little Thing

Going to festivals has to be one of my favourite things to do in the summer time! And Pretty Little Thing is always my go to site for finding the perfect, cool festival outfit. So when they got in touch to collaborate I literally ~could not~ contain my excitement! I love that when it comes to fashion and styling an…

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The importance of dressing for yourself

I’ve always been interested in fashion. I remember growing up I would go through my Look magazine or whatever one I had bought that week with my pocket money and be envious of the models and the clothes they were wearing. As soon as I saw a trend coming out; whether it be a hair style, make up or an…

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Tips on throwing a Charity Ball

Charity Ball 101 After posting about my charity Valentine’s ball on Facebook and Instagram I have already been contacted by 4 different people asking for tips and advice. I am by no means an event organising expert but thought it would be handy to share what I learnt during my experience and give you guys some of my key tips on how…

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