My skincare routine is pretty much non existent. I moisturise in the morning before putting on any make up and remove my make up every evening, but that’s about all I do! I’m always being told to up my game and take more care of my skin, so when I was invited to the opening of the new SKIN clinic in South Woodford I thought this would be the perfect place to talk to a professional and get some advice!

The clinic is on South Woodford’s “George Lane” perfectly placed next to the station, making it easy to get to for those driving or coming by tube. They offer a range of facials, fillers, hair removal and acne advice, aswell as general consultations and help. 

I was greeted by the lovely staff and after having a look at their products I was offered a complimentary Hydra Facial treatment. The treatment is good for those that want to rejuvenate their skin and have a deep cleanse. The treatment works through a machine that works its way around the skin and extracts any dirt that could be underneath the top layer, by a suction like tool. It then cleans the skin and hydrates the new layer of skin leaving you looking and feeling fresh! The process was quick and pain free and actually felt quite relaxing!

I then followed this up by having a consultation by a nurse who told me a bit more about my skin in more detail. I have always known my skin is prone to problems through the “T zone” as this is where I often find my skin to become quite oily. I was offered treatments and tips through my diet as to what can help make this less of a problem and maintain a young looking skin for longer!
The clinic is perfect for those, like me, who don’t know much about the different treatments or skin types but would like to know more as they were friendly and professional and so easy to get to from Essex or East London!
Katie x


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