Bath – Where to stay?

Bath - Where to stay?

Bath – Where to stay?

I’ve been wanting to visit Bath for a while now and thought what better time to go than with my mum for a mini spa break for her birthday and after the marathon!

The whole city looks absolutely beautiful and I wanted to get a hotel to reflect this and stay on theme with the city’s well known aesthetic; brick work, old fashioned terraced housing and cobbled roads. I always like to book new hotels instead of the typical chains so you have somewhere new and exciting to look forward to. I have actually been following No. 15 Pulteney road on insta for a few months so knew it was exactly where I wanted us to stay.


The No. 15 Pulteney road is honestly one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve stayed in. Its location is super close to the city centre and you’re able to walk everywhere from the hotel.

From the outside it blends in with the other terraced houses along Pulteney Road, but once inside you can tell how much work and effort they have put in to making it a luxurious boutique hotel.

Henrietta Suite; fit for a queen…

We stayed in the Henrietta suite which was absolutely stunning – a huge bed fit for a queen (no joke – it really did look like something royalty would have in Buckingham palace!), two very insta worthy woven round chairs by the long windows and an absolute #instagoals roll top bath and Pinterest worthy bathroom.

I love it when hotels go above and beyond to make your stay even more at ease and relaxed, and they did just that! The room came equipped with a beautiful radio – which is actually what I’ve been lusting after for months for my own flat! A flat screen TV with sky included and a stunning dolls house in the style of the hotel – which you’ll realise when opening is actually the tea and coffee machine! HOW CUTE IS THAT!?

The finer details…

For those that keep up to date with the latest beauty and hair products, you’ll be pleased to know they had a brand new Dyson hair dryer in the room too. Throughout the hotel they also had a bar, restaurant and a larder which was free to use for all. Filled with fruit, cookies, ice cream and a variety of cold non alcoholic drinks – this was a perfect touch for any mid afternoon snacks or to help feed those late night cravings. It really seems as though they had thought of everything!

We didn’t get a chance to go to it, but they do also have their own spa within the hotel – seeing reviews from other guests on trip advisor and photos of this on instagram, it looks so peaceful and romantic, perfect if you’re going as a couple!

I love feeling comfortable and at ease when going away and No. 15 helped us do exactly that and you can see from my photos just how lovely it is – I can not recommend this hotel more if you’re looking to go to Bath!

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