Why I’m Happy To Be An Outfit Repeater

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OUTFIT REPEATING – what is the issue?

I don’t know how we got to this place that it was seen socially unacceptable to repeat your outfits! I mean, I don’t think it’s a bad thing but I’m definitely guilty for saying “I can’t wear that, I’ve already posted it on insta!” Maybe it started back in the Lizzie McGuire days when they accused her of being an outfit repeater. Oh how awful that was. Maybe this shaped the 20 something year olds of today into thinking it was a fashion faux pas!

We have worked hard for our money and when we buy clothes with it we want to buy pieces that make us feel confident and good about ourselves and our bodies

I’ve seen many a meme, admittedly hilarious at times, sweep across twitter about how girls won’t wear an outfit twice. It does sound quite silly really that we are SO worried about people seeing us wearing something more than once. We have worked hard for our money and when we buy clothes with it we want to buy pieces that make us feel confident and good about ourselves and our bodies, so when you find that piece or outfit that does exactly that, we should be keeping it and wearing it to show off that good feeling inside of us! 

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Breaking a cycle

I know it’s something I’ve only just broken out of. Around 2 or 3 years ago, I would continuously buy new pieces to stay up with the latest trends and then sell them straight after on Depop, after I’ve only worn them for a few hours. I’d sell them for cheaper than original price but use the money to buy newer products again and it was a hard cycle to break out of. The amount of times I’ve sold something on Depop after wearing it and then regretted it, has happened quite a fair few times. As much as it’s fun having new clothes all the time the feeling of missing an item you loved and felt confident wearing, is a lot stronger than the enjoyment of new pieces. (I realise I probably sound really sad saying that but I think I just get very attached to clothes and the good feeling an outfit can bring you… LOL)

Us girls also find it really hard to be accepting of our bodies and not feeling self conscious – I know I definitely have had numerous occasions where I don’t feel happy about my appearance – so when I wear an outfit and people compliment it and say I look good, why should we be afraid to wear it again to keep that positive feeling?!

It’s definitely something I’m going to be sharing more on social media too, if I love an outfit or piece then I want to make people aware that I don’t feel bad re-wearing my clothes and it isn’t something we should be worried about doing! I feel bloggers and social media have a huge part to play in this. Bloggers are constantly put under pressure to have a regularly updated wardrobe with the latest pieces, but why not just recycle outfits and work with what we have got? Surely that’s more relatable to see a piece of clothing worn several different ways… instead of just wearing it once and saying we need to get a new product!

I’d love to know how you feel about re-wearing your outfits?

Katie x



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  1. February 10, 2019 / 9:46 pm

    Hey Katie
    Very interesting post! I agree with you – it’s odd that we feel like it’s a bad thing to wear a thing twice – isn’t it a great feeling to have found a piece that fits you perfectly and that you can combine many different looks with?
    I often look for a jeans with the perfect fit or a jumper with the perfect material and when I find it, why would I not want to wear it a lot?
    I love to find new pieces I like and style new outfits, but I also love to re-wear my favourite items.
    What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe at the moment?
    XX Eliane

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