The importance of dressing for yourself


I’ve always been interested in fashion. I remember growing up I would go through my Look magazine or whatever one I had bought that week with my pocket money and be envious of the models and the clothes they were wearing. As soon as I saw a trend coming out; whether it be a hair style, make up or an item of clothing, I’d always be dying to recreate the look and save up to buy it with any money I had. Now I’ve gotten older I realise that a lot of these looks really did not suit me, and the importance for dressing for yourself and not just to follow trends.


On one hand I love trends and trying out new looks and being adventurous.

Often I will try trends on in store and see how I feel about it and if it suits me then that’s great, but more often than not I would put the item back and think it’s not for me. I don’t want to go out being uncomfortable or looking silly. I think this is something I have learnt as I got older and realised I don’t have to wear something just because everyone else is. I also have realised that I can wear something, even if it isn’t popular at that time. When I was younger I used to feel left out or that I wouldn’t be “cool” if I didn’t have the latest item of clothing everyone had. I was so worried about what people would think of me and that they would judge me on my clothes, that I fell into the trap of buying into trends whether they looked good on me or not. Thinking back, I have so many memories of coming down the stairs at home and my mum having to double take and ask me if I really wanted to go out with my outfit on. At the time – being a know-it-all-teenager – of course I wouldn’t take my mums advice and still went out wearing it. I never went OTT with my looks at all, but I know there were certain pieces that did no justice for my body shape which was a lot rounder than what I am now. I’ve realised it’s so much more important to dress for yourself and not just to follow the crowd.

We should wear clothes that make us feel confident

Since leaving school / college and experiencing the big wide world of adult life I have realised that it’s so much more important to wear clothes and dress for your body shape and to please yourself. I no longer go out of my way to buy into trends just because everyone else is, and would much rather pick out an outfit that I can re-wear the pieces and mix and match with other items in my wardrobe for a long time to come. Yes, it’s great to keep up to date and be a part of the trends but we don’t HAVE to wear them. We shouldn’t feel like we are any less worthy than the bloggers or celebrities wearing the trends, just because we don’t feel good in that look or it doesn’t suit us. I feel like this is the same for piecing clothes together that not many people would think to do or try out themselves. If you saw my lovebox festival post from last year – I put this outfit together and felt great wearing it, but I know it wasn’t so much “fashionable”. I think I was able to pull it off because I felt confident and it was showing my own personality and style. An outfit always looks 100% better when you feel good wearing it!


I have seen a huge change in my confidence since taking this turn when buying clothes. I will go in to a store and pick out something that I know will suit my body, that I can recycle in my wardrobe and that I will feel good wearing. That’s the whole point of fashion isn’t it? Wearing clothes to express ourselves and make us feel at our best. Who wants to buy clothes to please other people, when you aren’t happy wearing it?




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