The HoneyPot Review 

The HoneyPot Review 

I feel it’s so important to make time for family and close friends. Working full time in London and commuting several hours a day really takes it out of you and means you don’t get much spare time during the week, it also makes you realise how valuable your free time is! I have been so busy lately during the weekends, aswell as week days, that I haven’t had much time to spend with my boyfriend just the two of us – so when I got asked to go review The HoneyPot in Basildon I thought this was the perfect chance for us to have some quality time together, enjoy a good meal and a trip to the cinema after!


The HoneyPot is part of the Harvester chain – a family friendly, relaxed pub-style steak restaurant that you can usually find in most towns nationwide.


Seating area
I must admit, the last time I ate at my local Harvester restaurant was the morning after a big night out and wanting somewhere to feed me some grub to sort out my hangover! So I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer this time round when I wasn’t feeling so worse for wear…


The HoneyPot has recently undergone a refurbishment and also updated their menu – being vegetarian the first thing I noticed was the vegetarian and vegan section on their menu. Having a sister and brother in law who are vegan I know how important this is and it really impressed me! Usually most places offer one vegetarian choice – which can be adapted to be made vegan – but to have a whole selection specifically catering for vegan and vegetarians was amazing!





Another thing I noticed was that it was quite light and airy inside, the decor wasn’t so pub like and dark, and they had added touches to make it more up market and modern; whilst still keeping that family friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I loved the train station theme they had throughout the bar and drinks station, especially great for a family meal out when bringing young children along! The mocktail section was also a fab touch; they had containers with garnishes, recipes for “mocktails” and their refillable drink station with so many different flavours to choose from. I remember going out when I was younger and being so jealous when my older family ordered cocktails that came in fancy glasses or with garnishing etc, so now there’s no need for the youngsters to feel left out as they can make their own pretend cocktails!


Drinks station

Drinks station


Now down to the best part; the food! 


There was so much veggie choice for me to choose from but since Matt and I both love the Mexican cuisine, when we saw the menu had been updated with flavours from Mexico and morocco, we both were tempted by the Mexican burgers.

I ordered the veggie bean burger and it was a full of flavour and not too spicy, which was great and just what I wanted! Both dishes came with a side of thick cut chips and we could go to the unlimited salad bar and grab a bowl and help ourselves. Most times I’ve been to a Harvester the salad bar wasn’t too appetising, but this was kept clean and tidy and I noticed the workers cleaning it multiple times throughout our meal.

Burgers BurgersMain course
I was quite full up after our burgers but when we saw they did the popular trend of freakshakes we couldn’t walk away without trying one of these! Freakshakes are a cross between ice cream and milkshakes, loaded with lots of sweet goodies making them a great dessert to share. We went for the Oreo brownie and I’d go back just for this!! I have such a sweet tooth and love any kind of deserts so this is saying something!

TreatsTreats Treats

I was pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed our meal at The HoneyPot. We were treated so well throughout our meal, the staff were so friendly and chatty which was great and the food was delicious – you can tell they have really upped their game and are working hard to make it an enjoyable experience for anyone visiting.


To find your local Harvester click here


Katie x


  • We were kindly gifted this meal by The Honeypot in exchange for a detailed review, but all views are my own.

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