Mulberry Sample Sale

Mulberry Sample Sale

It’s a rare occasion that high end designers and brands have sample sales, so when they do they are usually pretty popular! The Mulberry sample sale has been on this week and ends tomorrow (3rd March, open 9am-8pm) at The Music Rooms near Bond Street station. It’s £2 entry fee goes towards their chosen charity of Jessie May.

When I first think of sample sales, I think back to being in a cramped room, clothes and bags piled up on the floor/tables, and people rummaging through everything like animals looking for their last bit of food. This isn’t what Mulberrys is like! Although people do get pretty excited to get inside and rush to the first thing that catches their eye, it’s pretty calm and tidy.

I went on the first day and ended up queuing outside for 40 minutes. I’d suggest getting there during the middle of the day or afternoon to avoid the hustle of workers coming when they have finished!

There were several clothing rails with pretty good discounts – like a pair of white trousers reduced by 70%! Then a small selection of shoes, also with good discounts (really regretting not grabbing these beaut heeled sandals that were £60 from £490…! That’s like high street prices!?)

Then there were the bags…

There was a huge selection of colours and styles available, unfortunately I couldn’t get photos of them all, but not all had great discounts. Most items were roughly 20-30% off, although some were better than others.

I went with the intention of getting the Regular Lily bag and I’m so lucky I found one! There were plenty of the mini Lily’s available in red, orange, green and oxblood which were half price at £199, but no small Lily’s on the shelves. I actually got my one as I saw a woman holding it and asked if she didn’t want it if I could have it, which she said I could! (Thank you kind lady!!). It was still quite expensive at £595 so only £100 off, but some discount is better than no discount, right!?…

There was also a selection of men’s and women’s belts, purses, wallets and phone cases but I didn’t get a chance to look through these to see prices.

The sample sale is invite only so if you want to take a trip and have a look tomorrow but need the invite, put your email in the comments below and I can forward it on.

Happy shopping!

Katie x

PS what’s better than going for food after shopping?! Why not go for Cream Tea at The Ivy or Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea!

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