Being pampered with Wella

Being pampered with Wella

One thing I love in life is having my hair done! I remember the days I would dye my hair in my friends’ bathroom (with a box dye bought from a supermarket so my mum wouldn’t find out) and return home with yellow hair thinking she wouldn’t notice. Since then I’ve learnt it’s best to leave it to the professionals, whether that be colouring or styling! So I was super excited to receive an email with an event with Wella to get my hair done and try out some products.


I didn’t know much about what the event would be apart from that I’d get my hair styled and have a few photos taken. When I got to the event I was met with the lovely Emma who reached out to me to invite me and we chatted about what way I should have my hair done. I am absolutely loving braids right now but haven’t yet mastered doing them on myself! So decided I’d have a small braid through the middle and the rest curled.


I had some before photos taken and a small video of me shaking my head ( yeah I thought it was random too BUT it was all for a really cool video which you can see at the end!) and sat myself down to have my hair done. The stylist doing my hair told me all about the new Wella EIMI range of products and how they would be focusing on a heat protector spray with me. If I’m honest, I’ve only recently started to take more care of my hair and use heat protectors and styling products so was really intrigued to hear about these ones.


He said the more spray the better and not to be put off if my hair ends up getting a bit wet, as it is better than just a light spray over. It also smelt AMAZING, nice and fresh kind of like watermelon, all I was thinking was I’d be happy to use it as a hair perfume (yeah it’s a THING) aswell as for actually protecting my hair!


When my hair was all finished I was able to have a few more photos taken aswell as another video to show off my new look!


You can see the video here:




pretty cool right?

Thanks to Emma for inviting me along I the event with Wella and all the lovely products I got to take home with me, I had so much fun!


Katie x

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