The Top 5 Editing Apps You Need

Instagram is by far my favourite app I have on my phone. (You can follow me here )I absolutely love looking at other peoples photos and seeing how creative they can be. There is so much more to instagram than just taking a photo and uploading it straight away. For me, I enjoy editing my photo’s a little bit first and then putting them onto my feed. There are so many different editing apps out there these days, you can lose count! I decided to help you out and narrow it down and share my Top 5 Editing Apps that I think everyone needs:


I have a love hate relationship with VSCO Cam. I first downloaded it years ago. Couldn’t find the right filter for me. Deleted it. Now have it again and I love it! There are so many free filters to choose from and you can play around with how heavy or light you want the filter to show. You can also then further use the editing tools with contrast, brightness, grain etc which most apps also have, and you’re pretty much done!


Airbrush is an app that I wish I knew about sooner! From someone who doesn’t have photoshop, I feel like this is the next best thing for editing out those blemishes or unwanted parts of a photo easily. Best of all, it’s free and super easy to use! It has so much you can do and change to your photos, it’s actually quite scary. You can airbrush, whiten teeth, remove acne, make your body look longer / smaller / bigger etc. I only use this for a few steps which I will share more on soon, and wouldn’t recommend going crazy with the editing on here as it can be quite obvious – plus you dont wan’t to be a TOTAL catfish and look different IRL to your insta, now do you?


Snapseed is another photo editing app with several filters and and editing tools. Although, for me, the filters are quite dramatic and heavy it has some great tools to get your photos to stand out even more. I love the curve and selective tools. These help you pick out specific parts of your photos and make them brighter / darker / edit the contrast etc without having the change the whole photo.


This is another app I wish I had known about sooner! Although I haven’t used it much, I know it’ll come in handy every now and then. It’s a free design app where you can create anything from posters to leaflets. All from the ease of your mobile phone! I haven’t used it for any insta pics, but I have used it for events im organising. It has templates for facebook header photos, profile photos, Instagram photos, instagram stories and even snapchat! ( plus more) Really recommend if you’re wanting to use Pinterest to share your blog posts and wanting to grab people’s attention!


Ever curious how your favourite bloggers have their feed perfectly pieced together and wonder how they do it? UNUM is your answer! You simply connect your instagram account and it will bring up your feed. You’re then able to upload your next few photos on to the UNUM app and can play around with what photos go well next to each other. You just tap on the two photos you want to move around and click on the arrows at the bottom. When you’re happy with how it looks, you can then upload straight through the UNUM app onto Insta!

Let me know what you think of these apps or if you have any others that you would recommend!


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